Mentoring and Consulting


If you're looking for some advice, guidance, or ideas-sharing, then I can walk with you as a mentor. I'll help you explore your own work, or clarify and work towards your goals, appropriately drawing on my own professional experience which includes the following: 

  • International development, specifically community development, and strengths-based development.

  • Being an elected local government representative in the UK, with a particular focus on climate change.

  • Leadership.

  • Collaborative and community-led change.

  • Working with social enterprises, charities and community groups. 

  • Research and writing. 

  • Living and working abroad. 

I have a particular interest in mentoring people who are starting out in their careers, or who have reached a position of leadership or other responsibility, and who want a thinking partner to help them improve their skills, knowledge, strategies or confidence. 

If you're an organisation looking for some support and expertise, then please enquire about consultancy. I've worked as a development consultant and communications consultant on projects for various organisations. I'm perceptive and intuitive, and use my 'dot-joining' ability to synthesise information quickly. 

I'm also available for group facilitation, and have led seminars, public events and away-days. I've also hosted panel discussions on stage at events, and been a participant too. 

Please get in touch and we can arrange a call to discuss your needs.