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Some more quotes I find helpful...

"When you're sure of what you're looking at, look harder"

-- Richard Powers, author 

"...quiet sparks of revelation."

-- Kazuo Ishiguro, author 

"Science is not about control. It's about cultivating a perpetual condition of wonder in the face of something that forever grows one step richer and subtler than our latest theory about it. It is about reverence, not mastery." 

-- Richard Powers, author 

"Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations."

-- Mae Jennison, astronaut 

"Our back is to legends, and we are coming home"

-- JRR Tolkien, author (from The Hobbit)

"The changes we dread most may contain our salvation."

-- Barbara Kingsolver, author

“To enter a wood is to pass into a different world in which we ourselves are transformed. It is no accident that in the comedies of Shakespeare, people go into the greenwood to grow, learn and change."

-- Roger Deakin, author

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