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Hello. I'm Elizabeth, and I'm a writer, a personal and professional coach, and a facilitator. I'm also a walking guide and an elected District Councillor in the UK. You can find out more about my work using the dropdown menu under the 'Work' tab.

My background is in international and community development, organisational leadership, climate strategy and editorial work. I bring my whole self to the things I do -- my creativity and compassion; knowledge and practice; local and global experience; an appreciation of science and the sacred; a love of books and nature; a belief that skills like listening and relationship are vital if we are to solve the world's trickiest challenges. Writing, coaching, facilitation and walking are the tools that now tie my experience, skills and passions together. 


Use the tabs above to find out more, and get in touch to enquire about working with me. If you'd like to receive my occasional email newsletter 'Red Lands', you can sign up below:

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