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What is coaching?

Coaching is a process of seeking, exploring and discovery. Often, it involves questioning, listening, spotting patterns, unpicking assumptions, challenging narratives that might not be serving you, and prioritising actions. It can help you uncover what might be holding you back on specific goals, or serve as a space to explore who you are and what you want. As a coach, I listen deeply and help people and organisations find clarity, courage and a path forward. 

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About you


I often work with people who are connected in some way to social or environmental impact, or who are going through a change in life. And as a writer myself, I increasingly work with writers and others creatives. You might engage my support to...

  • identify and develop your vision, goals, strengths or ideas

  • find clarity in complexity

  • feel supported to act in the face of the climate crisis 

  • find courage and confidence in your voice and way of being 

  • create change in some aspect of your life or work 

  • prioritise a regular writing practice 


I've worked in various contexts - from local authorities facing budget cuts and yet being asked to achieve net zero carbon emissions, to organisations seeking to create social and environmental value, to communities around the world wanting to clearly understand and use their strengths, and to individuals wanting to find and use their voice. 

"Since starting coaching with you, I am feeling more confident and able to make decisions. Your coaching has enabled me to reflect on the way I carry myself at work and in life, and the ways in which I am able to successfully bring more of myself into the work sphere. I feel very listened to - thank you!." - Jenny T, Manager, InterHealth Worldwide

What kind of coach am I?


I draw on various tools in my coaching, and am resourceful, compassionate and intuitive. I've overcome challenging situations in my personal and professional life, and these experiences have strengthened my ability as a coach. I've trained in goal-based coaching (certified by the Association for Coaching), and am a qualified transformational coach (accredited by the International Coaching Federation), which involves going beneath the surface and looking at how clients see themselves, rather than just the actions they take. I have a certificate in group coaching & facilitation, and enjoy working with communities and organisations to unlock strengths, realise vision, and find common ground. I've also trained with Climate Change Coaches. Where helpful, I can add mentoring into our work, and draw on my experience in various contexts (e.g. as an elected official, as a charity leader who has lived and worked abroad, and as a writer). 

"Elizabeth thinks deeply, proactively and compassionately. Her multiple gifts include thought leadership, and coaching of change-makers. She brings original, often left- field solutions, to difficult problems." - Dr Lankester, Doctor, Founder & Author

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Delivery and prices: 

I offer a couple of ways to access coaching: 

1. Walking sessions:

Take your thinking and movement outside of four walls. I'm a qualified Hill and Moorland Leader, accredited by the Mountain Training Association and with a certificate in Outdoor First Aid. See here for more info.


This option includes an initial phone/Zoom call to explore your aims and goals, then choose:

1.5 hour walk and talk - £125

3 hour walk and talk - £225

Walking sessions can take place on Dartmoor, Exmoor, in the Mid Devon countryside, or elsewhere by arrangement. Sessions include a hot drink (from a Thermos!) and cake.  

2. Stay at home sessions (online or phone):

Create more extended time and space to think from the comfort of your home. A package of sessions can be good when you're working towards a goal and need ongoing accountability, or need some space to more deeply dig into mindset and thoughts. 

  • Initial 45-60 minute call to explore your aims and goals 

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching calls 

  • Access via email between sessions, to check-in or share learning

  • Exercises and notes between sessions 

  • £525 (payment plans available if needed)

I can offer combinations of these approaches, e.g. multiple outdoor sessions, or by combining a walking session with follow up calls. Get in touch and we can find what suits you. 

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