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What others say:

“Elizabeth is a radical creative. She thinks deeply, proactively and compassionately. Her multiple gifts include thought leadership, group coaching and coaching of change-makers. She brings original, often left- field solutions, to difficult problems. Elizabeth’s values are grounded in ways to make the world better, to challenge false assumptions and to bring hope, empowerment and justice. She has a profound understanding of community-led development, social enterprise and ways in which communities can own their own futures. These approaches can sometimes be disruptive to the status quo, but win through with their relevance and impact.”

- Dr. T Lankester, Doctor, Author & Founder 

"Elizabeth does two crucial things in coaching well: 1) She provides a safe and open space for coachees to feel truly able to reflect, and 2) She’s forensically focused on solutions and action orientated so her coachees can see improvements in themselves. I highly recommend her!"

- Robin Chu, CEO and Founder, CoachBright

"Since starting coaching with you, I am feeling more confident and able to make decisions. Your coaching has enabled me to reflect on the way I carry myself at work and in life, and the ways in which I am able to successfully bring more of myself into the work sphere. I feel that I am in a safe place in our sessions. I feel very listened to. Thank you!"

- Jenny T, Manager at an international health charity

"What an inspiring talk! It really made me think, and gave me ideas to take back to my organisation. Thank you!"

- Audience member, Timber Festival, UK

"These ideas are timely and valuable, and need to be heard by more than just this crowd of academics."

- Audience member, Libraries Unlimited/Arts Council England talk 

"A really excellent experience -- I highly recommend it."

- Outdoor coaching workshop participant

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