In 2020, my friend and colleague Catriona Horey and I created a podcast. It's called 'Unfurling', and it explores the power of the natural world to inform and inspire. 

We created some shiny social media posts to go with it too, like this one: 

We've been learning as we go - from how to structure it (season one consisted of conversations between us; season two features guests), to how to edit it (with the programme 'Audacity'... and patience). 

You can listen to Unfurling on iTunes, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms. 

How we describe it on these platforms...

"Join us as we explore the power of the natural world to inform and inspire us -- in our everyday lives, and in the complex challenges the world is facing. With nature as our guide (and drawing on our own experience in coaching and consulting, international work, non-profit management, writing, local politics, and community) we explore diverse topics like climate change, confidence, listening, health, economics, storytelling, and more.We look from different perspectives - including science and art; city and rural; individuals and systems - and try to cross pollinate ideas and uncover new ways of thinking. We offer up personal experiences, as well as ideas and experiences from guests, books, and elsewhere, all the while asking what the natural world can teach us."

To feature Unfurling live at your event, or to enquire about sponsorship or other partnerships, please get in touch.